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Contact with the store staff is possible via the contact form or by e-mail:

It happens that return messages end up in the Spam folder or the Offers/Promotions tab.

Check all folders in your email program and if the answer is not found, send us another message.

Remember: we respond to messages within 24 hours, but this deadline may be extended due to holidays.

We respond to messages within 24 hours of receipt. The response deadline may be extended if the message was sent on a non-working day or on a working day before a non-working day.

Custom products

Yes. If you need an individual module, write us a message with a description of its functionality.

In response, we will send information about the feasibility, price and deadline.


If the module is not available for download after paying for the order, please contact us using the contact form or by e-mail.

In the message, just provide your order number and a description of the problem.

If the module was not created to individual order and was not purchased in pre-sale mode, it is automatically made available on your account within a few seconds of paying for the order.

You can download the ordered and paid module on the Downloads page, the link to which can be found on Your account page in our store.

Module problems


  • Check whether the version for which the module was created is compatible with the version of your PrestaShop store
  • Make sure you are logged in to your store.
  • Clear store temporary files and browser history


If a domain name field is visible on the product page, immediately below it there is information whether providing the domain is obligatory or voluntary.

If a domain name is required, purchasing without providing it is not possible.


If you have active access to updates of a given module, its latest version is always available on the Downloads page.

If the update access period has ended, the latest version that was released until the update access end date is available on the Downloads page.

The frequency of module updates is not strictly defined.

Changes in modules according to input priority:

  • security updates
  • correction of errors and problems detected during use
  • adapting modules to the latest versions of PrestaShop software
  • making language and appearance corrections
  • adding new functions